Excellent Documentary!

If you have the time, I highly recommend watching 'Philosophy - A Guide to Happiness: Socrates on Self-Confidence'. Wisdom from the ancient philosophers!


My Impressions on the Apple Watch

I recently bought the Apple Watch (not the Sport, definitely not the Edition). Just the classic Apple Watch with the black sport band. I love it. It’s a great device along with my iPhone. The capabilities of it are amazing as well: you can call, text, view mail, and tell the time very precisely “within … Continue reading My Impressions on the Apple Watch

“The Medium is the Message”

This quote, written by Marshall McLuhan, who was a pioneer on media theory, says it all. How we think, how we interact, and how we learn are based off the 'medium'. This 'medium' is the method or the way the information is being delivered. Rather than the content of the actual message, the message's method of delivery is  the message. Simply put, … Continue reading “The Medium is the Message”

Personal Experiences with School

My past experiences with education have been very frustrating. I find school to be a place that is institutionalizing the youth. School limits the most important characteristics, such as creativity, imagination, and curiosity. Every night I found myself to be studying or doing homework rather than playing outside and enjoying the diminishing moments of my childhood. My … Continue reading Personal Experiences with School

My Experiences with AP Language + Secret Essay Formulas

As a student in a top tier high school, I was placed in many "advanced writing classes".  Other than learning the rudimentary skills (such as grammar and spelling), I feel like I've learned nothing in those classes. I feel like the only reason I got decent marks in writing is because I followed the teacher's … Continue reading My Experiences with AP Language + Secret Essay Formulas