A Spiritual Civilization

As we continue to live our lives, there will come a point when we notice that part of us is incomplete. Many have felt a sense of loneliness and isolation amongst their peers. Others have felt a sense of inferiority in their accomplishments. However, we are forced to continue to live our lives with these infectious thoughts. When we grow up, we are told that we need to be educated in order to live a comfortable life. Get good grades in school. Take those tests. Get into that college. Get that job. Save money, get married, have a family, and retire. We are forced through this one path like an assembly line. This ‘incomplete’ feeling will continue to surround us. We expect that this feeling of insufficiency will fade away as we progress through our lives. But they will not.

What do we need to do?

Admit that our current situation in life is due to a materialistic, selfish viewpoint. We, as a civilization, have evolved backwards, towards a more vain and greedy path. The education that we are receiving right now is simply ingraining this viewpoint in our minds over and over again through rote memorization and strenuous examinations. Society teaches us that going into the college or job that brings us financial comfort is the way to happiness. Many of my peers, in fact, believe that money can “really buy anything”. In a way, they are right; you can purchase the best food, games, homes, etc. But this will add on to the delusions in our lives. What’s needed to remove these delusions is a new viewpoint, a spiritual viewpoint. We need to shift our selfish civilization to a spiritual civilization.

What is a spiritual civilization?

It is consisting of the Whole, where we connect ourselves not to our material goods or desires, not to one nation, not to the world, but to the infinite Universe. It is letting go of the ‘self’ and understanding that we are not the main characters of this world. Remove any preconceptions implanted in our minds since youth. Empty our hearts. Dissolve the barriers between You and the Universe. The answer is not out ‘there’ in the form of material goods, but in our minds.

All of this begins with a change in thought.


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