Personal Experiences with School

My past experiences with education have been very frustrating.

I find school to be a place that is institutionalizing the youth. School limits the most important characteristics, such as creativity, imagination, and curiosity.

Every night I found myself to be studying or doing homework rather than playing outside and enjoying the diminishing moments of my childhood. My teachers weren’t great either. I noticed that most of my teachers had a god complex. They also falsely believed that they were making an actual “impact” on our lives. However, in actuality, my teachers were dreading to come to work each day, wondering why their careers ended up this way. Most, of course, couldn’t quit, as being a teacher was their only source of income.

Before anyone criticizes me, I’d like to state that there were some teachers that truly helped other students. It is important to note that these genuine teachers, who were highly respected and admired among myself and my peers, did not institutionalize or dull the brains of the students. They highlighted the important characteristics of creativity, imagination, and curiosity.

I see many pamphlets and websites of schools that say “We teach our students how to think” or “We believe in fostering creativity, imagination, and curiosity in our students’ learning.” As soon as I see these messages, I instantly see through the facade. Many of my past peers truly believed they were receiving the best education. But they did not know that they were learning to be the best working-man of society. Even now, the so-called ‘best students’ are the students most geared towards serving and working for society. Their thoughts, their ideas, their standards match the society’s thoughts, ideas, and standards. Now this isn’t a bad thing if what you want in life is to be the best working-man of society: saving money, earning enough to buy luxury amenities, having a nice car, having a high status etc.

But to those who do not want this: there is, in fact, another way!

Stay beyond the conventional standards of society and always think for yourself. Never think for others! Know the true purpose of school: to institutionalize and cloud our creativity, imagination, and curiosity with ignorance.

Before I close for today, I’d like to mention that without school, I would not have come to where I am today. I would not have these thoughts and ideas if it weren’t for school. Why? Because school gave me the limitations I described above and I was able to find ways to break these limitations. I was able to make the best use of my time and create my own path using these limitations.

Keep note of this quote from a 17th century Danish philosopher:

“A solitary prisoner for life is extremely resourceful; to him a spider can be a source of great amusement. Think of our school days; we were at an age when there was no aesthetic consideration in the choosing of our teachers, and therefore they were often very boring—how resourceful we were then! What fun we had catching a fly, keeping it prisoner under a nutshell, and watching it run around with it! What delight in cutting a hole in the desk, confining a fly in it, and peeking at it through a piece of paper! How entertaining it can be to listen to the monotonous dripping from the roof! What a meticulous observer one becomes, detecting every little sound or movement.” -Soren Kierkegaard


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