“The Medium is the Message”

This quote, written by Marshall McLuhan, who was a pioneer on media theory, says it all. How we think, how we interact, and how we learn are based off the ‘medium’. This ‘medium’ is the method or the way the information is being delivered. Rather than the content of the actual message, the message’s method of delivery is  the message. Simply put, the way a message is being presented to us can heavily affect our sense of values.

For example, TV has become an accessory of any modern home. Adults use it to keep their kids entertained and a good majority of the people who watch TV hope to gain information and insight on world and domestic affairs. Many do not question the information delivered on TV and take it to be the ‘truth’. This is an example of “The Medium is the Message”, as people take TV’s programs to be completely accurate and credible. “As long as information is being presented through TV’s programs, there is no reason to doubt it!” is what many wholeheartedly believe.

We take everything to be true and accept it without using our own common sense or logic.

We cannot accept everything the way it is. That would be living a fool’s life.

We need to question everything, we need to question conventional standards.

It has to make sense to us. Our whole lives are preprogramed by society. We wake up early in the morning, go to school or a job, come back, and go to bed. But why? Why don’t we play every day? Why are the majority of our lives filled with work? Observations of the mundane life are extremely important to analyze society’s standards. Once we have an understanding of society’s standards, we can create our own standards and live through those standards.

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” -Buddha


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