My Impressions on the Apple Watch

I recently bought the Apple Watch (not the Sport, definitely not the Edition). Just the classic Apple Watch with the black sport band.

I love it. It’s a great device along with my iPhone. The capabilities of it are amazing as well: you can call, text, view mail, and tell the time very precisely “within 50 milliseconds of the global standard.”

It’s quite stylish as well.

However, I’m realizing how much of a change this is making on my life. I need both my Apple Watch and my iPhone to get through the day. I find it unnecessary to take out my phone for every notification as I can look through it on my watch. The watch needs maintenance just like my phone does. More and more each day, I’ve become heavily reliant on this smart watch.

Recently, when I was eating lunch with my friend, I received notifications through my watch. Immediately, I looked at my watch and I completely lost track of the conversation I had with my friend. My intentions were never to be rude to my friend, but I look at my wrist much more with these notifications.

Smart watches and smart “accessories” are going to become a much bigger problem for society. They have really good aspects, such as maintaining your health, but the in my opinion, the bad outweighs the good.

I feel like this watch marks me. Smart phones have become ubiquitous now, in 2015. With this new Apple Watch (which is a new industry), I feel like it is dumbing us down even more. I’m becoming more reliant on tech that I don’t need. Why did I even buy this? I’m seeing friends and colleagues wearing this. I fell into the norm. I conformed because it looked “cool” to have. The way this watch marks me is the way a bull is marked by nose ring. The nose ring acts a method to control the bull. I feel like many consumers of this new product have some sort of nose ring on them from the watch. Our preferences are being controlled by the creators of this technology. We see other people wear the Apple Watch and it makes us want to have one too. We want to fit in and by wanting to fit in, we fall into the nose ring of corporations.

By wearing this watch, I’m actively demonstrating my acceptance and loyalty to society. I become distracted from what it really matters: my happiness and my freedom to choose what I would like and what I would not like in my life.

By constantly wanting to have the next big thing in technology, we are simply being controlled and we will develop this infallible notion that these gadgets are absolutely necessary to have. These material possessions will become a part of us, which is something that isn’t originally part of our disposition. We will gradually become heavily dependent on these devices until we won’t be able to think for ourselves as we’ll believe that the devices can think for us. More importantly, we won’t be able realize why we even need these devices.

I can tell you with confidence that the only reason why I chose to buy this watch was to fit in and become part of the “cool” group of society. And after all this, will I return it? No, I won’t. Because I, myself, am enjoying this piece of technology. As hypocritical as it sounds, I want to continue wearing the Apple Watch. I guess this is a personal conflict, where my heart is telling me that the watch is just a device that marks me and my mind is telling me to continue to wear the watch.

What is the best way to go? How can I continue to grow and fulfill my yearning towards becoming a free man?

A piece of wisdom… “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” -John F. Kennedy


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