Spending Time all the Time

Time is everlasting throughout our lives, yet few take notice of it.

It will always remain in this world, regardless of how much the world has changed.

Time doesn’t interfere in our lives. We are the ones that interfere with time. We manipulate it to our liking. We invest ourselves with the limited amount of time we have.

As adults in society, we devote our time to work for a salary. Most of us have 8 hour work days and work from Monday to Friday. The general number of weeks most people work is 48 weeks. Plug all this into a calculator and the average person spends 1920 hours per year on work. This work may be enjoyable, but I assure you that through my observations, I see most find their work to be mandatory and to be a necessity for money. “After all, without money, how can we live our lives comfortably?” is a regarded fact in society.

What we spend most in our lives is not money, but time. We spend 1920 hours (or more) per year in return for money. And we must use a portion of that money for taxes and investments, leaving only enough for a couple of amenities.

Continue this process for the next 40 years of life and would you still be satisfied?

Our human nature is to play. We were filled with limitless energy ever since we were born. Is it a taboo to play and do whatever you want in your life? Is it simply wrong to not follow the normal standards of society?

It’s not illegal to not work. There’s no law banning play. So why do we choose to use our time to work and not play?

“Because money is necessary and very important.” “Because I need to support my family.” “Because I want high status in this world.” are the most common answers.

I respect people who find work at all costs in order to support their family.

But can’t there be another way? Where we maintain our innate nature of play and support our family?

What if we spender 1920 hours a year playing? Why wouldn’t that work?

Is this the paradox of money: to support ourselves yet not enjoy ourselves?

Remember that status is artificial and that it will not last forever. Money will be the barrier between you and the people that follow you. Most will not look at you as the human being you are, but the amount of money you carry. Why earn money for status if it is so artificial?

I’m probably asking more questions than providing more answers. But I do know one thing for certain. We are simply guests in this world and time is the host. Time lets us choose what we do and how we want to spend it. But work and competition has distorted time’s true purpose of letting us pick what we want to do with our time.

When our generation ends and the next generation of youth begins, I’d like to see a world that acknowledges not the importance of the work that we do, but the importance of play and the importance of savoring each moment.


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