The Role of Anime and Dramas

Anime and TV dramas have become so common in our lives.

But their role in society is filled with too much praise.

Nowadays, there are only a few decent anime, such as the work of Hayao Miyazaki. His work depicts the imagination stored in the subconscious realm of our brains. Most of the other anime have good intentions by wanting to show the hard work and creativity of the author, but the execution is poor. Most mainstream anime have aspects that are extremely stereotypical. as well. Sex appeal is becoming huge in anime. ‘Fairy Tail’ is known for this. On top of that, the over-idealistic romance is extremely common in many anime, such as ‘Sword Art Online’. TV dramas also have the stereotypical romance that many of us want in our lives but never can get. Dramas also emphasize the negative trends in society. ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ are clear examples of this. Some may argue that these shows depict a totally different aspect of society that we don’t see every day. But to the young students and kids that watch this, how much corruption infects their minds from this? Dramas and anime make life artificially surprising and captivating, holding nothing but false hopes. However, there can be inspiring and interesting quotes and themes from anime and dramas. ‘Naruto’, for example, contains one of the greatest quotes I’ve ever heard:

“People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true… that is how they define reality. But what does it mean to be correct or true? Merely vague concepts… their reality may all be an illusion.”

People may find great inspiration from these shows or they may use it as an escape from their more harsher reality.

But is it necessary to become swept away with heavy emotions? As I’ve mentioned before, anime has become diluted through excessive sex appeal and over-idealistic romances. Dramas, on the other hand, attempt to show many aspects of society, including the dark and twisted topics. The news only talks about negative events, so is it necessary to emphasize them in tv shows as well? Regardless of how interesting they are?

But there is a way…

Watching and being swept away by emotion is one thing, observing and not become involved is another. Most follow the former of the two. It’s possible that these shows demonstrate an aspect of life we may never see, but rather than watch, I’d suggest to observe instead.

There are some great quotes and ideas from anime that we can use to expand our own thought.

But it’s unnecessary to become highly emotionally invested… simply observe coolly on what’s happening.

Do not become emotionally manipulated by the work of an individual.

Get what you can and move on.

Because if you don’t, you’ll dwell on that one scene or that one moment.

And that dwelling will kill the natural state of your mind.

The natural state is maintained through curiosity and imagination. Asking why.

And becoming stuck at a single moment ruins it.

Our natural state is to become limitless, un-restricted… having nothing holding us down.

Observe, my friends!


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