the only free thing in this world is Time

When I was in school, I was anxious for time to pass. Class usually ran for about 50 minutes and I was counting down every minute of it. I wanted to get out as soon as I could and not stay in a lecture that I was forced to be in.

Every day, from 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM, school removes the value of time.

This never happened during the break where I got to do whatever I wanted to do.

Time would naturally flow for me and I was never rushed to do anything.

There was never any deadline.

But, society creates deadlines and I don’t know why we should follow such superficial standards. What does finishing a task at a certain time do for me? It can get me a promotion or improve my reputation at work or school, right? But the concept of a promotion and a reputation was created by us. They were never a part of us. The competition for getting the best spot in life was never a part of us.

Where should I devote my time to? Should I work hard, brown nose my superiors, and get that promotion? Or should I look a little further and see how tiny these social norms are?

I always felt like I was living my life under these social obligations and that if I broke out of the system, I’d be lost and would not know what to do.

But that’s absolutely wrong. The only thing free in this world is the time you are given, so I suggest to use it well and move beyond societal standards.


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