Social Media and Attention Seeking

Everyone loves attention. Some try to be funny to get attention while others focus on how they look.

It’s understandable why attention is so wanted: it makes people feel accepted and it can help them get through the day.

But this generation has taken it too far.

Social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…. they may be great for information and news, but people artificially post photos or updates that make their lives seem better than they actually are.

Authenticity is lost on social media platforms; everything seems so fake.

The sad truth is that people post to get acknowledged.

We, humans, are social creatures. All we want is to get acknowledged by other people.

Every like we get, every comment we get… it is nothing but an artificial method of making yourself feel assured. And it’s ridiculous.

Stop looking to others for acknowledgment and stop emulating the behaviors of others. 

Remove your predispositions about what’s expected in this society as they do not define who you are.

Acknowledge yourself and stop craving for attention.


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