The Pointlessness of a Schedule

If you didn’t go to school or work, what would you do all day?? Stay on the Internet? Play games? Exercise all day? Or do a combination of all of them?

Of course I told myself I would do a combination of what I enjoy: listening to music, walking with nature, reading, going on the Internet, etc…

But how long could I last doing this? Do we all need a schedule like school to keep us busy and occupied? Without a schedule, can any of us get through our lives without boredom?

In the end, I realized that we can get through our lives without a fixed schedule.

Schedules are artificial and man-made. They are made by us and they for us. But does Nature have a schedule? Does Nature function on the same level as us? Does Nature wake up at 7AM, work, eat lunch at noon, and come home at 5PM? 

No, it does not.

Humans are a part of the balance of Nature and this Nature is a part of us, yet why are we so stubborn that we create more chaos than order in our lives? People dread waking up and going to work and most high school students view their time wasted under this scheduled system. This idea of a fixed schedule creates chaos and disorder, rather than unity found in Nature.

When did we stop having a symbiotic relationship with Nature and why did we start making up our own rules that are supposed to help us, but in fact have ruined us?

Of course the answer I’ve heard to this question is: “Schedules were created to use time to its fullest extent.”


Time shouldn’t be a topic of worry; we shouldn’t intentionally and forcefully manipulate time through schedules to maximize work.

Time is part of the essence of nature and simply by viewing each moment was the only moment, we can “use” time to its “fullest extent”…


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