Responsibility Kills Dreams

Having a dream or knowing what you want to achieve is great, but the hardest part is not accomplishing or achieving your dreams, but to maintain them.

Growing up, our dreams are only limited by our imagination.

But when you’re growing up, you are faced with responsibilities. Although our responsibilities start small, such as doing chores around the house, they exponentially grow larger as we get older. And one of the largest is having a family. In order to support your family, you need money. So where do you get this from? Society leaves you with only one solution: to find a stable job. With this stable job, we are stuck in a cycle of work for the rest of our lives. Our occasional happiness can be when we see our kids grow healthily and are happy, but in order to give our kids the opportunities they want and deserve, some financial support is needed. So, we work and work. And until it’s too late, we forget about our dreams and aspirations. 

When our dreams fade, our self begins to fade and we become a gear in society’s engine. 

Having a family or having responsibilities is not the ultimate cause of forgetting our dreams… in my opinion, it’s the lack of solutions that are available to us. 

Is quitting your job the answer then? No, because you work to support your family, not to please your boss. 

What should I do? 

Rather than let conventional standards rule your life, I think it is extremely important to be the boss of your own life and to always question conventional wisdom.

Do not fill your mind with unnecessary concerns, but rather fill them with what you value! 

There will be people who follow the conventional path and they may steer you towards that path. 

But never give in. Do not be swayed by others’ opinions. Follow what you want regardless of how outrageous or ridiculous it may sound. 

“If you have time to think of a beautiful end, then live beautifully until the end.” 

-Gintoki Sakata


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