Why is everything the way it is? Why is the norm to go to college at 18? Why are applying to colleges so complicated? Why is everything about money?

In Bruce Lipton’s Spontaneous Evolution, he states that the first 7 years of anyone’s life is open to anything. That means the first 7 years are extremely precious as they play a key role in how a person perceives, understands, and views the world for the rest of his or her life.

After the age of 7 and until the age of 22, our minds are fresh and are at the perfect stage to mold and develop. But why are we exposed to nothing but angst, depression, needless stress, and competition among our peers?

Why are we only taught in one particular manner, where what we learn is simply geared towards an exam?

The most common answer I get is “Because that’s how the world works”.

If the world operates on nothing but battles of angst, depression, and stress, we, as a civilization, would not have come this far. Why isn’t collaboration focused as much in our education? Why do we only compete?

As students, we are taught to become diligent members of society. Why are we only taught to be diligent? Why is laziness viewed so negatively?

I was told that these questions will be answered in my future education in University. But I have conflicting questions about college itself!

Why are universities’ tuitions so expensive? Why do they not feel accessible and even though if there is aid, how come it is not determined by how hard a family works, but rather by low income and family members? I understand that students in low-income families should have financial support by all means, but what about the struggling middle class and small business owners?

During the most important years of our life when our minds are fresh, we are building a shaky foundation.

As we get older, society presumes that we will forget these thoughts and questions. And at this point, society is right. The questions that start with “Why” are forgotten as we consume ourselves to money and status; things that we use to flaunt to others.

Humanity has progressed itself by asking “Why”. But now, rather than introspecting and asking ourselves what we see of this world, we are forced to look outwards and live in someone else’s world.

When will we finally wake up?


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