We’ve all felt expendable. Someone can do our jobs better, someone can study better…

With our rising population, wealth inequality, and brutal competition, we are all forced to go into a career that will make us the least expendable.

Rather than doing what you want to do, you should do what you’re good at. 

This is the advice given to us in our practical world.

But, the thing is, regardless of how well you do your job, the feeling of whether or not you are useful is quite common throughout anyone’s life. 

However, there is no point to this.

We should never become concerned about how useful we are.  

I personally have worried about being ‘useful’…. Say if I put in 100 percent effort and I still don’t succeed. How useless and insecure would I feel then? 

But these feelings are merely a distraction. 

We’re human beings after all. Being able to live at this current moment is more than a miracle. 

We should not concern ourselves with these future concerns as they only muddle today’s mind. 

The idea of usefulness and placing high importance is a limitation to Man’s perspective.

Break away from the chains of insecurity and begin to see that

Our existence is not expendable. 


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