“Localization Leaks into the Subconscious”

This quote comes from my thoughts.

From my personal experiences as a student, my summer vacations were quite long (about 2.5 months).

The first initial weeks were always relaxing for everybody. However, after a month, I noticed that I longed for a daily routine of work.

I was looking for something to do that would keep me occupied.

What would this be? I recall having thoughts in the middle of the day about school.

I realized that the routine of getting up early in the morning, going to school to see my peers, and coming back home in the afternoon was the set routine I wanted to have.

When summer vacation was halfway over, I needed this set routine again. My life was boring.

I’ve already done all the relaxing and playing I needed to do.

I didn’t know what to do with this free time; I felt my time during my break was more limiting than liberating.

I knew that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.

However, I was wrong. I was absolutely wrong. 

The thoughts I wrote above were during my young, adolescent years.

Now, reflecting back, a simple phrase comes to mind: “Localization leaks into the subconscious.”

Localization means to become fixated on a particular place.

To me, I became localized to school.

I was subject to waking up early in the morning, learning to become a “reasonable man” and a “working man”, and coming home to work more for 180 days a year. This started when I entered preschool as a 6 year old and would continue throughout elementary, middle, and high school when my brain is most malleable.

My localization to school, my thoughts of wanting to go to school during the summer, and my want for a set routine “leaked” into my subconscious. This was the beginning of conforming to society.

This world does not want you to play and live freely.

This world has corrupted us in so many ways that even young students become bored and long for a set routine during their summer vacation.

We forget how to play and live freely like we did when we were young.

After we graduate from school, we are told to have a dream that leads to a successful occupation.

When that happens, all we come to be familiar with is that occupation. Our place of work leaks into our subconscious.

We would constantly, unbeknownst to us, think about it even if we are not at work. We become localized to the institution we work at.

After we come home from a long day at work, our minds are constantly moving around and preparing for the next day.

This is all we come to know.

But I believe there is a way to escape from this localization.

Through actually experiencing the diverse aspects of life, I began to see the infinite possibilities that reality holds for me.

Know that these infinite possibilities are not just for me, but for anyone who is a resident of this universe.

Localization is an unrecognized form of suffering, but know that “The greatness of a mind is determined by the depth of its suffering.” -Hayao Miyazaki


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