Connecting on the Air

When I am on an airplane, I feel connected with everybody. Especially on long flights.

Although I do not necessarily talk to anybody, the gesture of a simple nod or helping someone with their baggage created a connection.

On shorter flights, such as domestic travel, the time would be too short and I would only be anxious to get off as soon as I could. But on international flights, those flights that would last over 10 hours…

For over 10 hours, I felt a bond that was created between me and everyone on the plane, regardless of if I have talked to them or met any of them.

When the lights turn off, we all go to sleep. When the flight attendants gave us breakfast, we would all eat and share a meal together. Some of us would watch movies, others would read.

The thing was that we were all headed towards the same destination. Maybe that one destination was a layover to another one. But we were all trying to arrive in one particular place and complete our journey.

          It seems that we only look at our final destination, our final result, not what may happen to get there.

          True growth comes from the process, neither the end or the beginning.

But everyone — doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, the unemployed, young children, hard-working students, grandparents — is on the same airplane for the same amount of time.

And in a way, I felt that we were all connected for that amount of time.

And considering the fact that there are many different nationalities and ethnicities on a flight, maybe this is to show that — beyond the boundaries — we are all connected and that we just don’t realize it.


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