Power of Meditation

Meditation can be seen, in its most traditional form, as sitting down and connecting with no one but yourself. But there is more than one way!

Running is an awesome way to stay healthy and fit.

But, for me, it’s a way out. When I run, I am just with my thoughts and myself.

Running is Meditation. That being said, anything can be meditation.

When you are focused and see nothing but you and your thoughts, you can be released from the chains that tether you.

Traveling, Creating, Reading, Learning, Playing…. Any of these qualifies as a way out.

By becoming totally in-sync with what you are doing, you can feel like you don’t even live in this world. Momentarily, you forget your worries as they become meaningless. You even forget yourself and you slowly see yourself expand out — an “out-of-earth experience”

“Oh how much I stressed on trivialities. Look at all these regrets, pain, despair…”

All of this becomes transcended by not falling into the temptation of following these thoughts. And when you’re far out,

All you see is nothing but a ‘Pale Blue Dot’ and how we, who are members of this dot, are much, much smaller than it.

We begin to see how frivolous many of our decisions were, but we slowly realize what matters — not the hackneyed ideas that we’ve always heard of throughout our life like comfort, status, following trends, or gaining respect from others.

Our lives, which have been consumed by the competition of who’s better, change when we begin to see how consumed our lives have become.

What we realize is that time has slowly slipped between our fingers and that we have forsaken our dreams because of society’s limiting standards.

When we become tired and exhausted from our daily work, we fall back onto today’s entertainment, which has been warped to unnecessary violence and replaced with excessive hedonistic values. This has become the only “way out”.

But open your mind to see beyond the current, so-called “ways out” and see that your “way out” is a means to preserve yourself and your true character of virtue, which many have lost today.


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