The True Meaning of Work

Work that is of service to others, such as Filial Piety, is a cleansing for the mind and heart.

There should be no pursuit of profit or any type of ulterior motive.

This type of Work helps yourself through the acts of helping others.

Filial Piety has been misconstrued by the terms of today’s society. Filial Piety can be as simple as readily helping a parent with chores.

Work that is of service to others contains only great benefits and comforts to the mind.

Each dish you clean or every time you take out the trash,

Our minds become clean and sharp.

When we work, we are given time to reflect.

Consciously we will be working, but Subconsciously we can observe and reflect upon previous actions that have conflicted us.

Do not work with the mindset of receiving attention and praise.

But work with the attitude of relieving others’ pain and heavy responsibilities and of relieving yours.


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