Our Current Age

Mankind has existed on Earth for thousands of years and we have gone through many iterations of society since.

Our technology has advanced exponentially since the Industrial Revolution.

But in the current age of 2016, how far have we really come?

Our perception of Truth changes by time. What is right and what is wrong changes by the time period.

The meaning of family and connection has changed as well.

A simple example about the act of giving can demonstrate—

In our heavily individualistic society today, buying a meal for someone or sharing in general has become extremely rare. However, in many societies long ago, there was a strong idea of connection and loyalty. Strangers could be brothers.

Industrialization has given birth to a new Truth.

We are at the Age of Exploitation.

We now seem to have only two options: fall back on our savage instincts, which have become focused on materialism, or become the exploiters. The exploiters are the people who exploit anything or anybody to be the best. They foolishly only see the Number 1.

We have been raised to believe that violence, greed, and egocentrism are the center of human nature. This is only a charade! These traits have been made to be seen that way.

Our minds are like Play-doh and they have been molded to follow the current Truth of the current Age.

Our personal beliefs, our personal actions are being shaped constantly by what we see or hear through our peers, who are also followers of this system, and through movies, TV shows, and the news.

One of the reasons why we become so easily molded is that we see everybody else following the unwritten rules of society. We want to fit in and we conform in order to “connect” with others.

This Age of Exploitation has caused us to be more selfish. What we view as entertainment are merely distractions, forcing us to fall back on our artificial, materialistic instincts.

We are supposedly in our “most connected age” but we are so far from that.

We are in our most egocentric age.

History repeats itself and although many things change in each Age, there will always be a new Truth created and established.

The dissonance that exists in our world today is nothing more than a pendulum that is protected by a cloud of ignorance. We must become aware of our unawareness and break free from the pendulum’s powerful pull. 


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