Dawn Light of Venus

Resonance- Calm your mind and become resonant with your current envionment.

Calm your mind wherever you are.

Right now… there are garbage cans in front of me.
I’m sitting down on the concrete floor.
I hear the cars whistling by. Ahead of me, there are a group of houses with the same two-story layout.
On my right side, I sense the red brick wall that acts as the line between my house and my neighbor’s house.
On my left side, I sense the dry plaster wall of my home.

Ahead of all these homes is one giant mountain.
Behind the mountain is the Heart of Heaven…. the sun rising and illuminating the night sky and gray clouds.

All of this… my environment, this tiny scene is perfect.
There’s nothing I would change. This is a state of satisfaction. I would observe and resonate with this environment.

Everything is satisfying. Everything is at ease even as everything changes by the minute, second, moment.
I choose to look further, beyond from where I am at. I observe the Earth and see that it is nothing but a mote in space. In it, I see a perfect state of balance. There is nothing that should be changed because everything is just right.

But this innate perfection is shrouded by an anxious heart. We focus on trivial matters and place high importance on them. Things that should not even matter. Why do we do this when our current environemnt, our current Earth that we are on is nothing but a passing cloud?

The cloud does not need to be forced or changed. It is as it is and it is just right.

What I felt, what I saw….
This is the Dawn Light of Venus.
Where time doesn’t exist and where only enjoyment exists.
I’ll never forget this moment. I’ll always remember this moment.

I understand.


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