The Frivolous Nature of our Problems

Living comes with problems; we endure through them every single day.

But how many of our problems are actually problems?

When we solve a problem, we feel a rush of relief.
Because of this,
We choose stress and agony so we can increase the weight of these minor issues —

In order to get that “relaxed” feeling again.

We become addicted to this “relaxed” feeling.
We turn frivolous events into giant issues.
There is no end; we prepare ourselves for the future, depriving our current selves of meaning.
We turn into one-dimensional, thoughtless machines.

We fall into the trap of thinking that we are in a “serious crisis”. But we made all of this.
A crisis is nothing more than an imaginary institution of the mind.
Our reality is nothing more than what our fixed minds show us.

Why be fixed and rigid in a flowing and changing world?


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