What are our options?

Is it right to abandon ourselves to Nature? If we are tired of living in this industrious society, is the solution living in Nature?

No, that is not the path to pick.
Because of our dualistic society where we must pick one path or another, we are forced to choose between a life of poverty or a life of wealth.
On top of that, choosing the “negative” side is always easier than choosing the “positive” side.
In our industrious society, we can fulfill a life of hardship or die trying to fulfill a life of high class.
It seems we are left with two choices: try to survive in this society or go to Nature.

Should we follow Walden’s words?

Going to Nature, which can symbolize a way to release our inner turmoil and stresses from our day to day lives, cannot be achieved with the mindset of dislike and corruption of the current world we live in.

We cannot go to Nature without being on the level of Acceptance. On the emotional levels of annoyance and hatred, we will never solve our inner problems simply by “going into Nature”.

People who want to fall into Nature’s arms… People who want to travel around the world… Fulfill a bucket list, pursue something that acts as a way out from the competitive society in which we live in….
Without Acceptance and with their poisonous mindset of irritation towards the current happenings of Society,
You will further create inner stress and you will also realize the importance of Acceptance a moment too late.

The environment shapes how you behave and think, but the biggest change you can make is meditating your internal battles.
When that happens, there will be an infinite amount of change to yourself, to your environment, and to the world.

You will see beyond what our current World has created. The dualistic mindset can be transcended to see the random, yet ordered structure of our environment and universe, which all stems from a single movement in our minds.


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