The Lifespan of Wonder

As children, we are new to this world.
We have no idea how this world works and all we see is wonder.

As a child, I thought that airplanes moved because of invisible streets in the air.
Every time I was in car, I thought that there were people inside of it making sure that the gas and engine were working properly.

In the sky, there were clouds —
and I believed that there were tiny villages deep within them and that the cloud-people were constantly trying to change the shape of their homes to prevent us from knowing of their existence.

Rain would come from the tears of Mother Nature.
The hot summer days were when She was sick with a fever and
the winter days from when She left her coat.

Then everything was explained. Science, logic, reasoning —
They’re not bad or anything, they explain why things happen.
But there comes a point when trying to figure out how everything works becomes an obsession, where all we pursue is absolute knowledge.

But infinite knowledge will collapse without a step of wisdom.

Wisdom eventually evolves out of knowledge but
the seed of wisdom comes from wonder.

Wonder is an expression of awe and becoming immersed in it will preserve our curiosity –
But all this burns away from living a scheduled life where we begin to feel an abrasion of perception.

We see the world as black and white and ignore the plethora of other colors.
We become mechanical and rigid, shaped and formed.
We fail to see what’s beyond our fixed vision.
And soon we surrender ourselves to routine.
And we don’t even know what wonder is anymore…


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