The Pursuit of Perfection

We all want things to be “just right”.
As human beings, we want the best of everything.

Achieving status, materialistic wealth, and comfort
Even with all this, they become lacking to us.
We want more.
We want things to be perfect.

Perfection, power, wealth are all overrated and are extremely advertised by our surroundings.

We forgo
Living life step by step.
Living life like the wind —
Because one destiny we all share is death and

Death is not perfection.
In front of death, all our fruitless pursuits for perfection will be acknowledged as useless.

One of our many heavenly goals in this universe is to connect with people.
Not digitally, not for personal advantages, not for attention or power
But in order to share our genuine perspectives.

Everything is perfect right now even when it doesn’t look like it is.
Saying “After this, everything will be perfect” will never satisfy you; it will make you want more.

And those falling into the trap of perfection will never see the true value of the connections between the universe and our minds, the value of other people, and the true beauty of this current world we live in.

This materialistic, perfectionist perspective is poisoning our minds.
Death will merely laugh over how we spent our time. And we should laugh over how ridiculous we’ve been.


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