The Simple Life

We have been trained since we were young to live a life of excess.
“When we have more, we’ll be happier”

But the best life is to live a simple life. 

We may think that, in our materialistic society, having more is equivalent to being better off.
But eating natural food, having a roof under our heads, and being in good company is all we need to really live this life. 

We weren’t put on this tiny Earth to spend our lives having a higher “number” than other people.
The current way to live life has been engrained in our minds since birth and that is all we come to see throughout our lives. 

It’s sad, really. 

The best life is the simple life — thinking “When I have this… when I get this, I will be so happy” is simply materialism’s thoughts.
Our universe is endless and only 1/20 of it is material. Yet, today, materialism is the engine of our minds.

And money which can buy experiences and buy what we think is necessary to live a good life can never buy a simple life.
No amount of money, power, attention, and luxury can make you happy. And if it does, it’s only mild and temporary. These only push us to infectious states of temptation.

A simple life can only come through living which has become unknown to the competitive scope of our current stage. 


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