Our Best Friend

Ever since we are born, we are all given a friend.
This friend is not our mother, not our father, and not our sibling.
This friend is Death.

Death follows us the moment we breathe.
Many see Death as an enemy, slowly waiting to capture our spirit,

But no.

Death is our friend and is given to us as a gift.

When we are with a friend,
Difficulties become easier to endure
Tasteless meals become delicious
And life is much more enjoyable
Everything is brighter with a friend.

Every day, we live with this friend and from this friendship we begin to see everything in a brighter, hopeful light.

Our happiness will be amplified.
We will see what we couldn’t see.
And we will laugh with a light heart.

Death is our closest friend and our best guide….

Do not shun Death, do not be prejudiced against Death for Death creates depth in our closed consciousness.


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