A Story on Modesty

What is true modesty? I see false humility in many people.
For instance,

One mother compliments how tall and handsome a friend’s son has grown and he replies, “Oh thank you very much, ma’am.”
However, his face is filled with smiles and
Deep inside he feels so happy that someone is complimenting and praising him.
This is not genuine humility.
This is nothing more than pride and a hidden form of conceit.

Respectfully say “Thank you” and throw away any compliment given to you.
Never allow your happiness to depend on praise.
Pride cannot exist outside or inside of you.

On the another side of this coin,

One must be modest in front of failure.
The true test of genuine humility is in front of failure.

When you fail, you cannot exaggerate.
You cannot make yourself the main character of a movie where your sense of importance is inflated.
Failure, of any type, is bitter medicine taken to heal our coarse disposition.

What is true modesty?
True modesty is when someone abandons pride and views failure as a wise, old friend.


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