Before the blooming of life

I woke up to see a bright, shining yellowish light.
This Light spoke to me:

“You just died. Right now, you’re seeing the life you just lived in the form of a script. What you did, what you wish you did, what you regret. Everything. But here’s the thing: you’re gonna live life on Earth again. Now, in the meanwhile, before all that happens, let me tell you something…

The world you live in is nothing but a game. You are simply an avatar… in fact, you’re a spirit taking the role of a human being. You won’t be born in the beginning of everything. I’ll put you in a particular time… a certain time in history where billions of these avatars have lived before you. The environment and circumstances will be the result of their actions. You’ll be born when everything has been contaminated— so much to the point where you won’t even remember your avatar’s original purpose on this Earth game. Your goal is to be me, the ultimate Observer. I will oversee what you and everyone else will do on Earth. Will you choose to connect with your essence, the Spiritual side, or become attracted to the outside, Material realm?”

After this speech, I saw and knew everything.
In awe, I responded by saying, “I understand. I understand everything.”

The Light continued, “You will now forget everything. Your life starts right — in human terms — before the 21st century.”

“Why will I forget everything? Why can’t I maintain this magnificent understanding?”

“Because you must learn and experience the diversity of life with fresh eyes and in the end, you should come back to this moment, this first step. Your last step is here, which is the first step.”

Then, the blooming of life occurred. 


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