One of Life’s most important moments

The girl you love is sitting right next to you and she’s having a great time talking to you. This is all you’ve ever wanted — but she only sees you as her best friend or close sibling.

Still, you enjoy the time being with her.
You stare into the depth of her eyes,
feel a beaming ray of warmth when she smiles, and
feel proud when you make her laugh.

But you never show this.
You always keep a cool face by acting

After hours of talking, which have only felt like mere seconds, she says,
“I met a guy and I’ve gone a couple dates with him. He really takes care of me and I think I’m in love with him.”

Your heart shatters. A bitter taste suddenly appears—
This bitterness pierces through the balloon of hope in your heart.
The ripped pieces of the balloon spread throughout your body and you feel sick to your gut.

The bitterness doesn’t go away, but you hide how you feel and
still keep your cool in front of her…

They say bitterness is a result of betrayal and that it inevitably morphs into hatred.
But this never happens here.
You care for her too much.
In your eyes, you will never see her with hatred.

All you love is being with her, yet you cannot have this simple right.
And no matter how hard you try, you cannot forget the taste of the bitter heart.

TIHE — This Is Human Existence.


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