A Conversation with the Spiritual Ego

We live through our True Mind or our Ego Mind.
Many do not even see a glimpse of the True Mind’s existence.
We fall into the Ego.

This Spiritual Ego is different from the Freudian concept.
It gives us
the addiction to a bittersweet memory
constant recollection of joy while being together and puzzling the sorrow from separation

The Spiritual Ego controls our lives by creating an abyss in our heart that we easily fall into.
It acts as a distraction by consuming our thought energy.


My Personal Conversation with the Spiritual Ego

The Ego said,
“You are alone. You should never be alone. It’s too lonely. How can you go about your daily life by yourself? You are alone. You go to school to see passing friends. There is no one. Ah, how difficult.
When you were with her, you talked to her everyday. You believed you connected with her; the idea of someone understanding you. But even this hopeful thread disappeared.
What should you do? What should you do?”

I calmly and cooly listened. All I wanted to know was
“Why are you doing this to me?”

I looked into the Spiritual Ego and it responded,
“I serve a purpose to conceal your hidden, empty scars. If you give me control of your life, I can only do what I was meant to do: to find and provide you with ways to feel quick pleasure. Use me not to control your life, but to find the Hidden Marks of the Self that you only subconsciously know. Without me, you would not consciously be able to see the Hidden Marks of the Self.”

I stared into silence.

The last words were:
“I clear out the weeds for your True Mind to harmoniously connect your spiritual existence to your material body. A unison.”


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