Why we have Birthdays

Our Birthdays are a time to celebrate our precious existence.
It’s the only day of the year that is dedicated to me.
I become showered by gifts and the people around me shout “Happy Birthday!” to celebrate the one year gained in my life.

This is merely a societal formality.
Our Birthdays’ true meaning is for us to give gifts to the people that have made us where we are today.

Treat your parents to a nice dinner to celebrate the nine months and the years they took to raise you.
Treat a close friend by giving him a book that has positively influenced your thinking.
Treat your younger siblings to a film of their choice.
Treat your best friend by giving her a token of appreciation.

These people each made decisions that have shaped their lives, which caused them to have met you — a sort of indescribable Fate intertwined between all of our lives.
Their impact on your life cannot be measured by price, but by gratitude.
The reason you have this precious existence is because of
The people around you.

Your Birthday is a means to show gratitude to the closest people around you.
For without them, you would not be here today.


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