Levels of Consciousness

In the book, Power vs Force, David Hawkins establishes a map that depicts the levels of consciousness ranging from 0-1000. At level 200, which is Courage, there begins the ascension to Enlightenment, emphasizing positive, higher levels of consciousness.

Below Courage lies eight, lower levels of consciousness. I have thoroughly studied and reviewed Dr. Hawkins’ invaluable wisdom.
In eight succinct sentences, I will explain the eight lower levels!

The Level of Pride (175) is false modesty.

The Level of Anger (150) is the expression of suppressed emotions.

The Level of Desire (125) is pursuit of instant pleasure.

The Level of Fear (100) is self-manipulation through rootless weeds.

The Level of Grief (75) is the false belief that possessing attachments plays a key role to our Real Self.

The Level of Apathy (50) is denying our right of Being.

The Level of Guilt (30) is Self-Indulgence.

The Level of Shame (20) is the disappearance of Will, which is a result of surrendering to the spiritual Ego and entrusting our Real Self to our inner demons.



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