Solution to Regret

There are many times when I have criticized myself for why I chose to meet this person, to go here instead of there, to hesitate, to say yes instead of no. The big question being: “Why did I do this?” I imagined, “Would I be much more successful and happy in a different reality where … Continue reading Solution to Regret


Human Potential

Enlightenment 700-1000 Peace 600 Joy 540 Love 500 Reason 400 Acceptance 350 Willingness 310 Neutrality 250 Courage 200 Pride 175 Anger 150 Desire 125 Fear 100 Grief 75 Apathy 50 Guilt 30 Shame 20 Above is David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness. He assigns each level a specific number based off its view in life and emotion. … Continue reading Human Potential