Human Potential

Enlightenment 700-1000

Peace 600

Joy 540

Love 500

Reason 400

Acceptance 350

Willingness 310

Neutrality 250

Courage 200

Pride 175

Anger 150

Desire 125

Fear 100

Grief 75

Apathy 50

Guilt 30

Shame 20

Above is David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness. He assigns each level a specific number based off its view in life and emotion. Courage (200) is the level where positive levels begin, whereas anything below the level of 200 results in negative levels of consciousness.

I highly recommend any of his books (Letting Go is an excellent starter). Dr. Hawkins thoroughly explains how he calculated this and how to progress through each level.

Economics assumes that mankind’s level of consciousness cannot exceed 125, the level of Desire. The current teaching of Economics is based on the capitalistic system where incentives and the exploitation of scarcity occurs. Economics does not focus on fixing problems, but it focuses on an “optimal amount”. Whether this “optimal amount” harms us does not matter. Incentives motivate human behavior and everything is scarce, so we must fight for our resources.

Economics simply re-affirms the idea of the “survival of the fittest”, a false and twisted principle that has manipulated mankind for the past two hundred years.

Capitalistic economics aims to provide feeble evidence for the way we live today: struggling to compete and living barely enough.

We limit ourselves to the level of Desire, where we think having more
or having Everything is Happiness

Mankind is motivated by incentives, but not for his own selfish gain;
once the lower levels are transcended, man is motivated for improvement of his Self and the Self of others.
Beyond the threshold of the lower levels of consciousness, we see that reality is a construct of our mind and that the greatest fight is overcoming ourself to become Ourself. Since birth, we were given this brilliant opportunity to shape and build our reality yet this power has been stripped away from us. As a result, we were fed a grim and stale reality of struggle and contention.

Mankind yearns for eternal happiness
and economics can show us a way to achieve this assuming we only operate
on the level of Greed and Desire.

If I’ve learned anything at all, eternal happiness comes not from the scarcity of resources but from the Scarcity of our Existence.
Of all the diverse forms of the universe, not many are born as Human. This rare form of existence, then
What is it to be Human?
Humans: we are given the greatest opportunity to progress through the levels of consciousness and to achieve eternal happiness, which are characteristics of:
Love, Joy, and Peace.

Amidst the erroneous economics reigning over our society,
With the seemingly endless chaos happening throughout the world,
what I recently found to be of absolute importance is to be able to share a delicious meal with a friend.

From this, I saw that
a healthy meal is a healthy conscious and
a healthy friendship is eternal gratitude where

Gratefulness is the first door to Enlightenment.


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