Solution to Regret

There are many times when I have criticized myself for
why I chose
to meet this person, to go here instead of there,
to hesitate, to say yes instead of no.
The big question being:
“Why did I do this?”

I imagined, “Would I be much more successful and happy in a different reality where I made all the correct choices?”
Maybe I would be free of mistake and my life will be only going up in that reality.

Then I realized a statement of truth:
Where you are right now is your ultimate and best self.
Regardless of your life situation, good or bad,
Your current self — the way it is right now
Is the best version of you.

Whether tomorrow you will fall while today you rose,
whether you made horrendous choices or commendable deeds
all of this led you to the moment of yourself right now – – –
and this is ultimately the best self you could be.

Every single action you take is a process and you are the sole creator of it.
Never question and waste time daydreaming of what could have been;
the way you are right now is the best you can be and

there is no fault, sin, or mistake.


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