A Peaceful Society

In an ideal society, we don’t need doctors.
All of us would be healthy
Mentally and physically

During our most important years,
the times of our Youth,
we would learn how to properly live life:

Manage our suppressed emotions
Upgrade our consciousness
Live a healthy life through holism
Learn to farm and cook
Read books and have comradeship
Run with friends in the tall grass and under the high sun
Realize that meditation is a practice of life
and to
See that all of the world’s problems come from within;
That conquering ourselves is the ultimate road to universal peace.

Why don’t we learn that the reason for our misery, depression, and terrible health is because we fail to break free from our moving thoughts?
These moving thoughts carry our past and future, our remorse and guilt.
Our thoughts color the world we see and imprison us.

We never learn how to live a happy life.
We only learn how to live a working life where our inner health is constantly disregarded. 

In an ideal society, we would be mentally and physically healthy.
We would perfectly synchronize with our environment and with the people around us.
We can create Heaven on Earth, yet we chose to create Hell by fostering ignorance.
We’re fed pills to heal our mental bruises; we invest our time fruitlessly and we are loyal adherents to authority.



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