The Cure to Crises

When crisis occurs,
Crisis of money
Crisis of confession or even regret,
Split your heart.

One heart is defense, which faces any hardship that comes your way.
The other heart is steadfastness, where you continue your work and studies with no mental interruption.

When you are hurt by other people,
Or when you continue to hurt yourself,
leave the damaged heart alone and use your inner innocence and resolution to continue to do what you must.

These are the times when you want to forgo everything that you are doing.
No advice can help. You feel numb from sorrow and you become nothing but a shell. 

Only time and cool self-reflection can cure this painful energy of the past.
When you finally cross the line from suffering to peace, you will see that what you went through was nothing at all.
And that the greatest tragedy is not what the world does to you, but what you do to yourself.


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