All Along the Flow of Existence

The one you love rejects you,
You get into a fight with your friend at school,
You try your best to develop friendships, but you’re the only one that opens up.

Naturally, anyone gets frusturated and hurt by this.
“What did I do to deserve this?”
“Is this bad karma?”
“Is this all part of God’s plan?”
While all of this may be true, it is importantly to clearly understand that there is no reason to become “anguished” or “hurt” by human relationships; what happens between you and other people is nothing but a part of the Flow of Existence.
All this is a Happening within the field of Existence. And happenings are only impersonal.
While you may feel like your entire world has become punctured and ripped apart, the anger and frusturation is only how you view the event of a Happening, which is neither positive or negative.
You may feel like you are an innocent victim in all of this:
“I did nothing wrong!” or “I’ve always tried be friendly and nice with everyone.”
Any problems in human relationships start with you; in fact, problems do not exist in Existence. We separate events as “problems” and “non-problems” causing reality to manifest in a dualistic manner.

Failures in human relationships and mistakes in general are hidden forms of growth.
Looking at it this way, rejection and adversity are different names for true growth!


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