I Fear the Past

Many of us fear the past. We think about it in our most idle times and we feel anger, disdain, disappointment, and a plethora of negative emotions.

We ask ourselves:
“Why on earth did I do this? Why did I even say that? What’s wrong with me?”

Please relax! There is nothing wrong with you.
Your anger and judgement of the past is not really the past. It is merely your present interpretation of it.  The events that took place in the past are gone — they have already flowed by you. They do not exist and they do not mean anything.

However, because of your current and present interpretation of this past event, these embarrassing and longing-to-forget moments begin to exist again inside you and will slowly permeate out into reality becoming shaped and colored by whatever you think.

Peace and eternal bliss are at our fingertips, yet we only focus on what is not there.
Recalling your past never works because it never existed in the first place. There is no past; there is only an interpretation of it!



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