in Ignorance

Modern Society!
Oh the hopes I had for you.
Filled with technology and convenience,
I was going to live a simple and modest life.

Food at my hands,
heater for the cold winter and
fan for the hot summer,
even fast transportation

but why am I not happy?
Oh my society,
have you given yourself up for the pursuit of becoming
a material god?

You ignore the change in seasons,
the birth of spring,
the passion of summer,
the brittleness of autumn,
the empty slate of winter

You falsely believe only Things
bring me joy and look at how many people
You have convinced.

Day by day, I feel as though we are
only domesticated animals
living on the farm of modern life.
We no longer have curiosity and we cannot realize
the dampening of our emotions on our mental state.

But can I really blame you, Modern Society?
When I open my eyes, I become part of the world.
Yet when I close my eyes, the world becomes a part of me. 

I thank you,
for triggering me to look Inside.
The situations you have created,
whether I hate them or love them,
have all simply been exercises
to help realize this very truth.

Now I can see it is not your fault,
but my own.
For you are not the cause,
you are simply the effect
of whatever I have decided to create.



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