“Sir, every day, I fear I will fall behind others.
I fear I am always lacking.
I fear I will not get married.
I fear I will not be rich.
I fear I will lose everything.
I fear I will not recover from this illness.
I fear that nothing will go right.
I fear change.
I am in fear that other people will do better than me.
I am envious of everyone who makes more money than me.
I fear I will never find love.
I hate those who have a better social life than me.
I fear that I am not popular.
I fear being alone.
I fear not being able to cope with what is to come.
I fear tomorrow.
I fear yesterday.”

“Master, I fear that I will lose my mind’s eye.
I fear that the eye of society will glare at me to the point
where I have to give up my mind’s eye.
My mind’s eye is the most precious thing in the universe.
Always carrying ‘why’, it asks what is true peace?
I can see how I live and I question why I live.
I can see how my body is limited to this world,
but I notice how my mind is only limited to the universe.
I can even see the heaven that I yearn to live in.
The vivid stars at night,
The blooming flowers of Spring
with the gentle coolness of Fall,
With the young never giving up their innocence,
the sun shines blissfully and the moon weeps compassionately,
Heaven exists inside my mind’s eye and
this is what I fear to lose.
Waking up is what I fear to lose.”


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